A www.t9dp.cnpanion software for KAT Walk Series Product

KAT I/O Business Edition
Version 2.3.4

What’s New:

1. The issue of unexpected character strings being displayed after the games’ titles in the home page has been solved.
2. The issue of dialogue style conflicts has been solved.
3. The problem with accessing the games list when SteamVR is not installed has been solved.
4. The graphic style of uninstalled games’ icons has been optimized for easier distinction.
5. Spanish language available.
6. General software stability has been improved.

To KAT Game Platform Users: You can quick reinstall the KAT Games that already installed in KAT Game Platform
by click “Setting – Game Manager – KAT Game offline activation tool”, and select *.exe flies in local PC.

KAT I/O Consumer Edition
Version 2.1.8

What’s New:

1. Added Cruise, a Lab function which allow you to control character keep move forward by put your foot on front edge. You will need to turn on this function manually in settings.
2. Changed Help page.
3. General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

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